DISC Notion Conducting Tuition Software

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DISC Notion Conducting Tuition Software



Imagine placing the sounds of the entire London Symphony Orchestra into the hands of the Conducting class – every day. Students can master the nuances of conducting by leading classmates exactly as if they were an entire ensemble with actual instruments.

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NOTION Conducting is the only teaching solution that combines the superior playback and continuous tempo control of software along with instructive videos (view samples, right) and full-sized workbook built around a curriculum of standard symphonic literature. class

Wouldn't your students prefer conducting the London Symphony Orchestra rather than CDs?

Augmenting existing curricula with NOTION Conducting provides full class involvement (with an element of fun), immediate feedback, useful homework, independent score study, and frees the instructor to concentrate on each individual student's continued improvement.


The plug-and-play software requires no special technical skills: just open a score and start playing. Students can:

  • Control tempo by tapping on a computer or MIDI keyboard.
  • Play certain instruments or sections from built-in layouts or audio mixer.
  • Visually progress through the score during playback with no page breaks.
  • Start on any beat and jump to specific measures or rehearsal marks.
  • Edit dynamics, articulations, or metronome marks and instantly hear the result.
  • Watch full-motion videos of lessons, exercises, and scores in the workbook.
  • Learn to hear wrong notes and other deviations from the original score.