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Ibanez electric guitars have been at the forefront of guitar technology since the 1950s. By the time the 1980s came round, and with the advent of guitar virtuosos like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert, Ibanez came to the forefront of modern guitar playing, building hard wearing, fast playing electric guitars like the renowned RG Series, for use by some of the world's most prolific players at the time. Alongside the famous S series, the RG Series has become the go to instrument for rock and metal players all over the world. View All Information

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Although Ibanez guitars have been made since 1908, it wasn't until the late 1980’s that they began to form an identity for themselves when artists such as Steve Vai and Frank Zappa began using their instruments.

The term ‘Superstrat’ is often associated with Ibanez and describes a Strat-style guitar that is modified for fast playing styles. Particularly associated with Heavy Metal and ‘shredding’ guitarists, these guitars feature slim-profile necks, increased number of frets and sharper horns.

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